How to travel in style to your wedding

For most people, the day they wed their beloved is the most important day of their life so far. Every element of the event is planned months ahead with meticulous attention to detail, from the colour of the ribbons and flowers to the beading detail on the bride’s gown, right down to which wine is paired with which course of the wedding breakfast.

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One key element to wedding planning is deciding how the bride will travel from her pre-wedding night abode to the venue for the ceremony. According to Wedding Ideas Magazine, cars are still the most popular form of travel, but which other modes of transport are available to ensure that you arrive at the church, barn, field, farm or boat on time?

Transport to suit your venue

The answer to this may well be dependent on the type of venue you have chosen for your big day. For example, whilst a traditional limo might be perfect for a romantic hotel wedding venue in Gloucester, the bride and groom who decide to marry on a rustic farm in Wales might well decide on something a little less orthodox. A tractor perhaps, or a hayride across the field to the celebration.

For the couple who are marrying near water, perhaps look into hiring a sailboat, or for the more extravagant entrance, a yacht. Or maybe even try channelling an Italian vibe and rent a romantic gondola to float you gently towards your beloved and off into the sunset.

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Other unusual methods of transport enjoying increased popularity (perhaps drawing influence from foreign lands), are horses, elephants, and even donkeys! For an adrenaline-fuelled entrance try a bungee jump down to you betrothed, or charter a helicopter to ensure you don’t meet any unexpected wedding day traffic.

However you get there, just get there on time.

Whatever your idea of the perfect wedding day, any professional wedding venue such as should have the knowledge and preferred supplier list to support you with your best choice of transport to the venue on your big day.

So, whether it be by traditional means by road, or by water or air, the only thing you will need to worry about is ensuring that you are there.