Improve your SEO by mastering user personas

A better understanding of the people who visit your website and consume the content you produce is vital to a smart SEO strategy. This enables you to focus your time and effort on the most profitable parts of your site instead of producing thin content for people you aren’t sure about and may not visit your website.

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For a personal targeted SEO strategy, it pays to develop strong user personas that represent the age, gender, needs, likes, location and habits of your organic audience.

How to create personas

Using analytics data, internal team knowledge of your customers and conversations with real people who you know visit your site or are searching for content they might find on your site, you can draft personas that will represent the people you will design your SEO strategy to attract.

Alongside an illustration of a person – let’s call him Tom – you know engages positively with your site, you will present information about which parts of the site he finds most engaging, what device he most often uses to visit your site, and where there are things on the site that seem to block him or stop him taking positive actions.

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Discuss this pool of information with colleagues across your business to start to flesh out your persona further. What does the marketing team know about what attracts Tom? How does the sales team think he is most likely to convert? What does your web development team think about how new integrations may be possible to get Tom to where you want him to go more easily?

Why personas help SEO

According to Search Engine Journal, a persona-based SEO strategy can take a lot of work. You may want to call in the experts to help facilitate the internal development of personas and suppliers, with agencies such as Digitel providing white label SEO services to the digital marketing or web developments agencies your business may already be working with.

Once you have compiled the information about Tom, your typical website user, you can start to plan how content, navigation and on page links can be built to better meet his needs. If you focus on your users, personas can help you to clean up your SEO strategy and hone in on the most profitable keywords for your audience.