Is there such thing a thing as a stress-free Christmas?

Christmas is a time for festive cheer and happy family get togethers but it can be extremely stressful if you are the one doing the entertaining. The thought of slaving over a hot oven, while your Mother-in-law picks holes in everything from the décor to your not-so-fluffy roast potatoes, can leave dreading the holidays. Any of this sound familiar? Maybe not, maybe you get along like a dream and Christmas is a fairy tale in your house. But let’s get real here – not everyone feels the spirit of the season!


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So you are in charge of decoration, catering, gift buying and wrapping. You are also waiting person and host/ess, not forgetting pot wash and party planner. It’s not hard to see why one of the happiest days of the year can fast turn into one of the busiest and most stressful. Several pairs of hands ad weeks of preparation would be nice but not an option for those who work and have other commitments. Anything that can make life a little easier would be helpful right?

If you are hosting the big Christmas dinner then have you considered the presentation? As the other main focal point of the day, aside from the tree, it is easy to make it look fantastic in some very simple ways. Struggling for centrepiece ideas? Filling a glass vase with leftover baubles, tinsel and glitter is an extremely effective and cheap way of making your table look amazing. Throw in a few candles and the baubles will cast some lovely sparkle over your guests.

Treat your table to a unique, personal makeover and create your own tablecloth and runner. A wide range of Makower Christmas fabrics can be found at

If you have any leftover wrapping paper this can be used to make attractive bands for rolled up napkins. Add a tied ribbon on top and you have a totally unique table decoration. Instead of name cards for seating you could decorate plain baubles with the guests name. Tying thick coloured ribbon around plates, napkin and cutlery looks fantastic and will give your guests the feeling of unwrapping their place setting.

Another simple but clever idea is to make cones out of card, paint them green and glue glitter and bright pompoms onto them to look like baubles. One for each place setting will look great and your kids will love making these for you, taking some of the stress away.

Hopefully these ideas will help you realise that Christmas can be navigated with a little less tension if you use your imagination. Decorating doesn’t have to take a huge amount of genius or break the bank. Relax and remember that it’s only a few days.