It’s ok to put You first!

In today’s society it is so easy to end up in the habit of running around like a headless chicken all day long. This could be because you have a young family or an important work role or perhaps because you are self employed and trying to juggle everything at once.

The common feeling is that you have mountains of work to get done, new clients to meet, existing clients to keep in touch with, accounts to keep straight…. And at some point you might remember to grab some lunch!!

For self-employed people this drive and passion to succeed in your business is incredibly helpful at pushing you through difficult times and can keep the momentum going. It can also be incredibly damaging to your mental and physical health and to your productivity.

You started your business because you either saw a need in the market for your services and products or more than likely you decided you wanted to be your own boss, to be released from the constraints of a typical employed position.

But somewhere along the way you suddenly find yourself working a 50+ hour week and burning yourself into the ground and this may be when you start looking for some space for yourself. Maybe in the garden or your own little sanctuary above every else’s head. If you are looking for loft conversion Bristol take a look at

It is important at this point, when you feel your head spinning and you desperately wish there could be just one extra hour in each day, that you take some time out!! I know that’s crazy right. You don’t have enough time to do everything you already have to do so why would you take time out?

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Well, because you are your most important asset and without you there is no business. Simply taking 5 minutes out of each day, initially, to sit back and breathe will allow you time to slow down your brain and you will inevitably become more productive as you will be able to focus more.

As you start to see the benefits of your ‘Me time’ on your productive and therefore your business you can start to introduce more activities into your week. Make time for whatever makes you happy and allows you to be free from the thoughts in your mind – whether that’s going to the gym, reading a book, watching a film or simply going for a walk.

You are not a superhero and you cannot do 500 things at once without it impacting on your life somewhere. Taking time out to clear your mind and enjoy life does not mean that you aren’t serious about your business or that you are slacking. It means that you care about the longevity of your business and that you realise that occasionally putting yourself first is OK!