Latest food prep kit to benefit your commercial kitchen

If you are looking to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen, it’s time to look at the latest food preparation kit. There are always new innovations in kitchen preparation equipment, and the latest models can save time, improve safety, boost efficiency and provide perfect results every time.

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The latest cutting-edge food preparation equipment is also valuable for businesses struggling with a skills shortage as it helps less experienced kitchen staff to produce the right quality food as quickly as a more highly skilled chef. These latest food prep machines help all staff to produce high-quality dishes easily and quickly.

Features to look for

Regardless of the type of equipment you are looking for, some common features are required in order for it to be of true value to your kitchen. It must be reliable, multi-functional and compact in order to justify taking up valuable space in your commercial kitchen.

Most commercial kitchens lack space, but the Electrolux Professional TRK, which is a vegetable slicer and three-in-one cutter, allows staff to carry out a variety of functions in mere seconds, including mixing, grating, slicing, mincing and liquidising. Every part that makes contact with food can be easily and quickly removed cleaning.

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The Bermixer Pro handheld stick blender is ideal for fast puree making, mixing and easy cleaning. Its cutting-edge safety technology ensures the blade’s motor will only run when the bowl is attached.

Many foodservice operations are also now using Vac-Pack machines, which allow flavour to be packed into food. The vac-packs also hold and cook food components for extended durations. Electrolux models include functions for marinating food, tenderising meat and sealing hot liquids.

Food processors

Food processors are always an essential for every kitchen, offering the ultimate in multi-functional use and making light work of complex food prep. The Robot Coupe is one of the most popular brands. It handles chopping, slicing, emulsifying, grinding, kneading and mixing, along with more complex functions.

Remember that it is always worth getting professional training and guidance on how to use kitchen equipment, whether it is commercial kitchen grease trap guidelines from or instructions for a new food processor.

With the right equipment, training and maintenance, your commercial kitchen can operate at its most efficient, helping you to maximise your business.