Lease Car Driver? Are You Covered to Drive on Holiday Abroad?

Leasing a car is often an attractive option compared to buying. Depending on factors such as the make of the car and the mileage that you do, it can offer considerable financial savings. Because it is a relatively new option in the UK, however (it accounts for about one in four new vehicles in the US), not everyone who leases is aware of all the differences between leasing and owning. One of the areas where many people are unsure of the details is when driving your lease car outside of the UK.

Lease Car Driver

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Why Drive When You Can Fly?

It’s very easy to take your car abroad. Whether you are driving for business or pleasure, it gives you a measure of flexibility that you don’t get if you fly and take a taxi, or even if you fly and hire a car. Driving through a country can be a pleasant experience in itself; more than can be said for most airports. If the car you are driving is leased, though, you need notify your leasing company and to be aware of the following factors.

Local Rules and Regulations

Each country has different rules and regulations concerning driving, and you don’t want to get caught out. Make sure that you know what’s expected in the country that you are driving to – in France, for example, you must carry a warning triangle, a high visibility safety vest and spare bulbs, as well as having either a GB sticker or an EU plate. The AA can offer more information online.


Drivers abroad must have a VE103 (Vehicle on Hire) Certificate with them when they travel. A leasing company such as, who provide car leasing in Leicester and the East Midlands, will provide you with this when you notify them that you are going abroad. Make sure you have your passport and driver’s license as well!


You must have fully comprehensive insurance when you travel abroad. You should also contact your insurance provider and check that you have European Insurance Cover. If you are taking a caravan or trailer, you need to make sure that it is also covered. You also need to contact your breakdown cove provider and check that your car – and your caravan or trailer – are covered for your destination.