Natural Rubber Yoga

Yoga mats and proper clothing are among the basic items to be considered while planning to practice yoga on a regular basis. Comfortable clothes that breathe well are recommended. The various poses required to be formed make our heads go below our hips. To select from among the range of textures available some super-slick lycra-type pants may allow you to form most of the poses comfortably. Shorts or pants meant for doing the exercise may do the job. Yoga can be practiced in bare feet in any room at home so bulky athletic shoes are not a requirement. As it is most of the yoga places may ask you to keep the shoes outside.

The floor on which we perform yoga is also important. Some of the mats used are specially meant for practicing yoga. The mats that remain stick to the floor are said to be good. This is important because they should not pose slipping problem at the time of yoga. It is also possible to define your personal space by using mat while practicing in a group.

Natural rubber yoga mats are good as there is some amount of cushioning available with them irrespective of however hard they are. Because of the kind of surface they have these mats do not pose slipping problem even if you feel a little sweaty. The surface on both the sides is good for use. The lower lets the natural rubber yoga mat stick to the ground and i.e. the one in contact with the ground and the upper surface is good as it provides the required friction. Natural rubber yoga mats when compared to the ones made of standard rubber are also better in terms of thickness, toughness and denseness. These mats are also environment friendly as they are made of renewable resource. Since the rubber is obtained from the rubber trees most of these are biodegradable and do not normally contain any substance that is harmful to our ozone layer.

Natural Rubber Yoga

You can have an access to natural rubber yoga mats either by buying them for the market of if you have joined some yoga course most of them provide it on rent. The advantage of taking on rent is that you are not required to carry the mat along with you every time you go to the classes. However there can be some disadvantages as well. If you are planning to remain regular for a long time buying a natural rubber yoga mat will be more cost effective when compared to the rented one. Also in case of rented mats, since people other than you will also use them, they might smell bad between washings. And for the carrying problem, nylon and canvas bags are available. You can purchase them along with the natural rubber yoga mat. In addition to carry the mat, the pockets that come with the bag can also be used to store your wallets, keys, etc. Over a period of time as you continue to use them However, most of the classes will allow you to store your mat there if you are going to continue with them for a long time.

One more common item is a blanket. Most of the yoga classes have it with them for their regular visitors so that they can use them during the practice sessions.