Psychological tricks for maximising your web traffic

To create a website that’s going to convert customers into sales, you need to look at how you’re going to get users to perform a call-to-action, instead of just browsing and leaving the site.

Psychological tricks for maximising your web traffic

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Getting into the psychology of your customers is a must, as this will enable you to understand what features will provide the desired results that your business is searching for. Here are just some of the concepts all designers, including Somerset web design teams, need to take into consideration, when creating a site that converts:


How a visitor responds to your brand and website can be influenced by the colours used in web design. While you’ll want your website to be visually impactful, it’s important that the psychology of colours is considered too. The right colour could encourage someone to buy from you, while the wrong colour may see them leaving the site to go and purchase elsewhere.

A study by Satyendra Singh at the University of Winnipeg found that someone’s decision to buy can be influenced solely by colour, with most people making a purchasing decision within 90 seconds!

Everyone designing websites, including Somerset Web Services, will need to familiarise themselves with how colours affect emotions on each site, and may employ a simple A/B test to find out which colours provide the best results and conversion rates.


You may feel like you want to put all of your products and information on one page to allow customers to make their own decision, but this isn’t going to work. If there are too many choices, a customer becomes overwhelmed and won’t be able to make a decision. Therefore, less is more when it comes to offering customers choices. That’s why you’ll need to help customers to make a decision to purchase from you.

Simplicity is key when building a website. Make sure you’re not providing your customer with too many calls to action, and that there aren’t too many clickable areas that they need to choose from. This can be too confusing for your customers and won’t help you to convert those all-important sales. Instead, think what you want your customer to do and make this clear to them.

It’s important to take a step back and consider the customer journey in web design, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.