Quit Smoking Aids: Choose the One For You

Be it a child or an adult, every one is aware about the ill effects or harmful effects of smoking. From schools to moral values, we are all taught that smoking and drinking are bad habits. But still people think that smoking adds to the cool quotient. But this is not true. Our society has many such people who are slaves to these bad habits. It’s high time that we get aware about such problems and discuss them openly to avoid the harmful effects of smoking.

If you have decided to quit smoking, then this is the wisest decision. It is difficult to go towards the way of cold turkey all of a sudden if you are a chain smoker or a heavy cigarette smoker. In that case you will need, stop smoking aids so that your body does not get total discomfort after leaving this habit.

When it’s time to quit smoking, many people turn to stop smoking aids to help them along. This is because this habit is a kind of addiction only. The companies making cigarettes use many toxic substances in cigarette that leads you for more craving and you become desperate. Smoking is as addictive as many illegal narcotics, and many people who try to quit on their own find the process traumatizing and almost impossible. Many go right back to cigarettes after only a day or two. Thus it is necessary to use stop smoking aids.

Quit Smoking Aids

Well, many over-the-counter stop smoking aids are effective and affordable. For example, one of the most popular options, the nicotine patch, works by releasing nicotine into your system slowly over a long period of time. This helps to calm your cravings for nicotine and keeps you from reaching for that cigarette.

Nicotine gum is another effective stop smoking aid that many people have success with. The gum works much like the patch in that it slowly releases nicotine into the body’s system. Nicotine gum isn’t like regular gum in that it can’t be chewed endlessly; most brands of nicotine gum come with instructions on how to nestle the gum between the cheek and the teeth for some time in between chewing. Many people appreciate nicotine gum as a stop smoking aid because it gives them something to chew on and relieves some of that restlessness that many smokers report when they first try to quit.

There are of course other stop smoking aids, from pills to hypnotherapy. Many of these are reported to be very effective by those who have tried them. Also while trying to quit with these aids one must do regular exercise, have a better diet, regular water intake to keep them hydrated.

Of course each individual will need to make up their own mind about what stop smoking aids he or she will try, and of course it’s best to consult with one’s doctor. You can try out trial and error method and this can help you to know which method is best for you. Of course, family’s moral support and encouragement is of prim importance. Also keep with the company of non-smokers to keep away the craving.