SEO Features

Positioning is a technical web design whose main purpose is to generate business opportunities through the traffic produced by your website to be located within the first three pages of results in international search engines most prestigious as Google, Yahoo and Bing. For best results, it is necessary that this positioning technique is applied since the site is being designed for the first time.


Positioning is very complex, much more complex than people can imagine. If we add the ignorance on this subject, both by customers and by designers, the limited number of key positions is only 30 per search, the huge amount of deals that walks around 8 billion pages web, improper techniques used by some web design designers, sometimes the lack of commitment of companies towards their projects, the extensive list of factors that come into play, as long waiting times to see results that can go 6 12 months and finally the complicated rules set by the search engines, then it is a combination not conducive to experimentation.

Registration Is Positioning

Positioning is not a single record as many think. If that were true, all sites would be there in the first positions and the reality is that the percentage of sites that are positioned properly is minimal. Registration is just a formality to tell a search engine about the existence of a website, while positioning is a design technique for achieving the site has visibility and is listed in the top results.


Positioning takes several months and can be achieved to improve or lose in the course of the years. A positioning technique can offer your company 100% of the maximum achievable positioning, while other techniques can give only 10% or less. Some will allow positioning techniques keep these positions for years while others may only work for a few months. It is very important that you know that there is more than one technique to position websites and each provides different results and outcomes.

Web Design Techniques

Some web design techniques such as Frames, Flash animation and certain content management systems, partially or completely inhibit the search engine rankings. On this particular issue, many companies are unaware that there are different ways to design a website and find it difficult to understand why they have to redesign their sites to position them.

The answer lies in the strong competition that exists for the top positions. Search engines are in need of locating between 8 billion web pages exist, the site contains information specific each person is looking. This has led them to create certain standards to facilitate the search for information. Those who best meet these standards will most likely be selected and listed in the top positions. Any detail counts, so you must have experience in web design focused on SEO.

The conventional web design practiced by amateurs usually not meets these specifications, in positioning, virtually all the same being in the position 200 in 2,000,000. The difference between being located in the top-30 and the rest of the bids is precisely the professional web design and specialty positioning.


A positioning service websites generally includes the following activities:
Technical review and opinion site feasibility.
Setting the positioning strategy.
Recommendations for the hosting of the site.
Coding changes to web pages.
Content optimization.
Publication of the new version.
Register on search engines.
Analysis of results in positioning

The process of search engine indexing takes three to six months after the website published. Also, the updates made to the website will have an effect on the indices in a similar period. Nothing is impossible to reduce these times. For good fortune companies, Google, one of the search engines most prestigious is the first to respond and sometimes in this search engine positioning can be achieved in two months, depending on the date they are published in the changes and registration is requested.


Basic Positioning: A positioning through search engine optimization service which it is intended to place the site within the first three results pages of search engines for greater international prestige. This service is recommended as a first positioning strategy and the results are usually satisfactory when there is a lot of competition for top positions within a particular sector, even when looking to place the site in the first three pages, not aiming at a specific position.

Specific Positioning : A positioning service search engine through which it aims to improve the current position taking aim at a specific position in the international search engines most prestigious. You must attend this service in cases where there is strong competition for positions within the first three pages of results and basic position has not yielded the desired results. It is a complex service that requires a thorough review of the content of the site and therefore the project requires much more human and financial resources that a basic service positioning.


As in high-risk surgery, positioning cannot talk but rather guarantees statistical figures. Positioning is a specialty in web design that requires the application of a strategy and a total commitment by both parties. A company can position your site only through a perfect communion with the design agency responsible for the project. There must be a great confidence and a huge commitment to achieve the objectives.

Positioning is difficult to understand, difficult to reach and even harder to sell or hire. However, we have statistics. Our firm has ten years of experience in positioning and one hundred percent of our customers are positioned within the first three pages of search engine results in the most prestigious international.

Continuous Process

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs and managers, positioning is not a single event but rather an ongoing process that must constantly be analyzing traffic, optimizing the content and updating the website.

Search engines sell information, so there is no better formula than a content-rich website with fresh information resulting from ongoing maintenance, always accessible sites for rapid deployment and functional menu navigation.


Search engines are the ones who set the rules of the game and these companies the right to index websites that are submitted for registration are reserved.