Should You Finish Your Hardwood Floor – Or Leave It Unfinished?

A hardwood floor is a great way to create that rustic look, but how rustic do you want to go? The texture of the material will have great influence on its overall impact on a particular room. There’s also the question of whether to buy the material pre-finished or complete the process yourself.

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Choosing a Style

If you are looking for a smooth finish, or perhaps some light texturing such as scraping or wire brushing, this can be ordered pre-finished. This would be the obvious choice, as it avoids a lot of unnecessary inconvenience.

If you are going for an all-out rustic look, with rough-sewn or natural textures, then pre-finishing will do nothing to enhance this effect. In fact, a pre-finished floor will not be suitable for those looking for a traditional effect of this nature – it will likely look like artificial rather than authentic.

The reason for the unsuitability of pre-finished floors for that rustic look has to do with the processes involved in its manufacture. To get an even appearance, the raw material has to be somewhat consistent, which in itself means that much of the character of the timber will be lost.


So if you are looking for a smooth and consistent finish, then ordering it ready-made is the obvious choice – after all, why would you want to add any extra time on to the flooring process? Solid wood flooring, such as that sold by Wood Floor Warehouse, comes in an array of beautiful finishes and is certain to create a stunning decor.

For small or light texturing, there is a degree of choice, as either finished or unfinished can be worked to this effect. Again, shopping around will help you to make the decision based on the choices of pre-finished wood available.

Finally, those looking for a truly rustic feel will more than likely be looking for timber with character, including saw marks, natural peculiarities and uneven textures.

Whatever option you choose, hardwood has more versatility that it’s often credited with. There’s no reason that unfinished, rough hardwood cannot be used in a contemporary design. Likewise, pre-finished can also enhance a traditional look.

The decision ultimately depends on personal preference, and the desired feel of the room will dictate the best choice of materials.