Six uses for pressure washers

Pressure washers are great for blasting mud and dirt out of crevices in the driveway, but very few owners use their machines elsewhere. There’s a fear they might do damage away from stone, but most domestic washers aren’t that powerful. Here are six new uses for your pressure washer you may have overlooked.

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1. BBQ Grill

Cleaning the BBQ is a miserable job, especially if it’s a big one, but it doesn’t have to be. If your grill parts don’t fit in the dishwasher – and honestly, it never gets it clean anyway – it’s time to pressure wash it. You’ll see amazing results and wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

2. Outdoor Furniture

White furniture, synthetic basket weave and wooden furniture can all be pressure washed. Watch the muck and grime come away in seconds. Just remember to secure lighter furniture down before turning on the washer.

3. Creating and removing reverse graffiti

You can buy stencils to leave messages on dirty roads with a pressure washer, and you can get rid of reverse graffiti with it, too. “Funny” phrases such as “clean me” on the back of trucks and work vehicles can be a nuisance, but they are quickly removed with a strong jet of water.

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4. Garden Tools

Using a pressure washer to get rid of gunk and debris from under your mower is the best discovery. While you’re down there, you can check if you need any Briggs and Stratton Parts for your mower while ordering parts for the washer, too. Pick up replacement motor parts from suppliers such as and do the repairs once everything’s clean.

5. House Exterior

Brick and stone houses do take on a tinge of colour over the years. While many think this is just age, you’d be surprised how much of it comes away with a pressure washer treatment. Follow a guide to see how to do it properly, and don’t forget to wear goggles.

6. Wooden Decking

The same can be said for your wood decking and patio slabs. There’s no scrubbing required; simply point and shoot to see some surprising results.

No matter how you use it, the great thing about a pressure washer is that it gets a really deep clean without chemical additives.