Spruce up the bathroom. A few ideas for something new

If you’re like me and consider the bathroom a place for reflection and contemplation  you might find that one of the things you’re contemplating is that the Bathroom needs renovating. The trouble with a bathroom renovation is that it’s not just the decoration that you have to consider. There is the added problem of fitting in plumbing as well. Having said that if the bathroom is right it can really push the value of the home up and give you a centre of solitude that you need. This article should give you a few pointers, but it might be an idea to contact Bathroom renovations Dublin based specialists http://www.bathroomrenovationsdublin.ie/ and they will run through some ideas with you. It’s a good idea to have some thoughts on what you’d like beforehand so here are some tips.

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  1. Know your space. Assume the whole lots going and measure up the dimensions of the bathroom as accurately as you can. Once you’ve got that figured you can then start to plan plus the renovators will have a good idea as too what they are working with in terms of space.
  2. Remember the audience. Who is going to be using the bathroom? If you have a young family are you really going to want all that marble when ceramics is a lot more hard wearing and easier to clean. Of course if you’re building for yourself you can be a bit more ornate.

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  1. Maximise space and functionality. While you wouldn’t want to cram everything in you could look at mirrored medicine cabinets above sink units or a nice little shower and bath tub combination to really maximise space. You might need a nice shower curtain.
  2. Get your building paper work out. This all depends on where you live of course but they can be restrictions in terms of water use and even colour scheme design. It’s an idea then to see if there are any restrictions that could scupper your grand design before it is
  3. Try before you buy. Make sure that when you’ve chosen a product style you actually get to handle it first. Touch and feel are just as important as to how the thing actually looks. You’ll soon become tried of that tap if it’s not feeling right when you turn it on. If it’s a family or communal bathroom make sure that others have a go to.
  4. Lights make the place. It’s important to get this right because many of the space have no windows and you have to rely on created light to illuminate it. You can do wild with pot lights and decorative pieces. Who about a Chandelier!
  5. As ever look to the accessories of rugs towels and mats. A lovely seascape blind or warming coloured one is also an idea.

It’s time to get creative then.