Starting off your coin collection

Coin collecting or numismatics is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people across the world from many different ages. GM Coins is one of a select few UK coin dealers in Gloucestershire and they know the thrill of finding a coin that is not only valuable in financial terms but also in terms of its historical significance.

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There are many different ways that you can embark on a coin collecting journey and companies such as the Royal Mint offer handy starter kits such as collecting specific pound coins, two-pound coins or fifty pence pieces. There is also a wealth of knowledge on their website about the different types of coins you may wish to start collecting.

In order to make the most out of your collection you should first decide what types of coins you want to collect. This will help to give your collection some continuity as well as giving you some direction in what to look for.  There are many ways that you can categories coins and here are some ideas that you may want to have a look through.

Precious Metals – this is a category not for the faint hearted or those with a small budget. By identifying the precious metal types that you first wish to start collecting you can then identify coins that fall into this category and start your search.  These could include gold coins such as the ‘Magnificent Seven’ which covers the most famous seven gold coins that can be found across the world. Finding each one of these can be challenging but is incredibly rewarding once you see all seven coins together in the collection.

Theme – this could include collecting coins that are linked together by a particular national or global event. Examples of these include the Queen’s 90th Birthday, the birth of children into the Royal family and a host of other events. By starting a collection based on a theme you can further add to this if commemorative or memorial coins are issued relating to the same theme.

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Currency – this involves collecting coins based on their currency type and is where the Royal Mint’s collectors pack may come in handy. In the packs they identify the coins to collect and you place them in the relevant section of the card folder, as you can see in the image above.

Whatever your chosen coin types UK Coin dealers can help you find those coins that you are looking for.