Tech Future for Conference Events

Meetings and conferences are high-tech affairs these days. Gone are the days of flip charts and projectors as events continue to evolve into ever more complex experiences. It has become the norm for events to embrace new technology, especially tools for assisting management. Studies have shown that attendance at events increases, productivity rises and even costs are reduced as a result of the innovative use of technology. Here are some current and future trends that are going to be impacting events of 2019:

Projection mapping

This is creating an augmented reality experience using projectors. Traditional projectors cast images onto a flat surface, but projection mapping can light any surface, including buildings and structures with impressive 3D displays that are also interactive. It assists event planners to create amazing designs in virtually any space, transforming it visually. Imagine an unusual venue that is also set up to contain optical illusions everywhere. For Venue Hire in Gloucestershire, visit

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Branded Apps

We all use apps every day, they have become an integral part of our daily lives. The use of branded apps for events provides an infinite number of opportunities to engage and interact with attendees with their personal mobile phones.  A designated event app can easily be made providing a useful and informative function while personalising and enhancing the event experience. This communication can occur before, during and after the event.

Event Diagramming

With technology, events are becoming increasingly complex and with that comes the need for ways to map out the experience in detail. Event diagramming is becoming an essential tool, offering software for planners and venues to map all details out visually, down to the tiniest details such as microphone positioning. The technology includes 3D walkthroughs which helps to provide clarity for all team members and saves time in communication. The software is customisable, cloud-based and easy to share and collaborate.

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This tool is great for planners as they are able to offer absolute peace of mind to clients and leave nothing to chance for the big day. For venues, it allows easier collaborative working with event planners, using the software to present variations on the planner’s proposals efficiently.

Technology is making the process of organising an event more collaborative, accurate, saving both time and money. Venues are increasingly allowing event planners to access their diagrams to make their own amendments and adjustments. This saves both venue and planner a great deal of time with this level of real-time, instant communication. It encourages better working relationships between venue and planner, which ultimately results in a far better experience for the customer.