The best car immobiliser in the world.

James Bond sauntered into the research and development centre at International Exports. He was a little nervous as previous visits had not really gone well. He wandered past his old vehicles and looked lovingly at the old Aston Martin DB5. He remembered driving it far too fast around the Alpine road ways on some mission to do with gold or something, he couldn’t remember as they all tended to blur, when a voice snapped him back into the real world.

“Pay attention double o Seven”, said Q having something of a flash back himself. His floppy hair a bit at odds with the old style of the original Q he had found himself channelling.

Bond jumped which was unusual because you would have thought that an ice-cold operative such as himself would be a bit more prepared. However, considering what was in the Q branch it was always wise to be a little bit wary.

“Ah Q, is there any news on my replacement yet?” Said Bond

“Nope and if I did, I’d be straight down the bookies. What brings you to the Q branch?” replied Q.

“Apparently you’ve sorted out my Aston Martin?” said Bond inquisitively.

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“I have”, said Q, “I’m very impressed with it”.

“Can I have a look inside” said Bond. The DB5 was always his favourite even over that Lotus that became a submarine.

“Um, ok I’ll just get my assistant to help us out” said a slightly twitchy Q. He was keen for it to actually get out of the garage before it was totally destroyed. It was one thing for some devious SPECTRE agent to put some holes in it, but it was quite another for your own agent to trash it in the workshop.

Bond eased himself into the driver’s seat, Q went in the back, surreptitiously belting himself in. “This is Mr Witherspoon, Bond, here on work experience. A young fresh-faced man sat in the passenger seat beaming.

“Great honour Mr Bond!” said the lad Witherspoon.

“Charmed. Any reason why your overcoat is red by the way…”

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“Just a new thing I’m working on double O seven. Chain of seniority that sort of thing. Away you go Witherspoon”, Q cut in quickly.

“Right. So, this is the DB5. You’ve got your bullet proof screen at the back”. Witherspoon pressed the console and a screen shot up obscuring the rear view.

“There are the wheel spurs, a bit Ben Hur this Mr Bond”, two razor sharp spinning discs extended out of the wheels.

“Very nice does it not have an immobiliser? I mean I’ve seen a cracking Ghost vehicle Immobiliser at”, enquired Bond.

“Yeah. Sort of. Watch this”. And before Q could say anything the young Witherspoon pressed the ejector seat button which had been left set on the driver’s side.

“Oh dear”, said Q “looks like we’ll be needing that replacement Bond a bit sooner than we thought…”.