The first 5 key steps to designing a brand identity

The prospect of designing a brand identity for a new event, service or product may seem daunting. However, if you prioritise effectively, then the task should proceed smoothly. Of course, developing an effective brand identity takes skills, thought and liaison with the client, but these essential steps will make the task easier.


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Explore the brand and learn everything about it, from how it is perceived to where it is promoted. Understanding the brand’s target audience generally helps, as explained in this report from The Guardian.


Develop this at the beginning of the project, listing a set of goals, values and milestones for the brand identity that you and the client can agree on. By creating a benchmark, everyone has a gauge for measuring how the project is progressing.

Identify the magic

Recognise early on what is special about the brand. By doing this, you could be on a sure path to connecting with the intended audience for the brand identity, and a way of attracting new audience members. This element could be integral to inspiring the imagination and boosting creativity.

Check in with the client

Make sure that the brief is clear, so you and the client both know exactly what the project entails. As the client is so familiar with their brand, draw on this knowledge to extract useful data. Always liaise with the client as to their expectations, their needs and what they think is in the brand’s best interests.

Evaluate the competition

Look at what the client is doing, and all elements – colours, fonts, logos – that go into making up their visual language and then devise something from a completely different perspective that occupies a unique position in the market. Then experiment with all the different sizes and ways in which the design could be used, and examine these as if you were the client.

If you are thinking about using the services of a brand innovation agency, it would be worthwhile to consult with experts such as

Branding is not an exact science, as it nestles at a delicate junction of corporate knowledge and creativity. Embracing these tips may not ignite the genius that is great branding, but it will be a solid start and it will eliminate many of the common mistakes.