The Top 5 Natural Insect Repellents

Chemical insect repellents cause allergic reactions in pets and humans. Natural pest control consists of using foods and herbs the pests are known to avoid. These give pets and humans relief from infestation without chemical involvement. The first rule of pest control is to keep things as clean as possible. Dry up water spills, wipe up dropped food or sticky spots and protect jars of sticky foods such as syrups and honey with sandwich baggies. Following this, things such as catnip will drive many pests from homes using it. Coffee grounds seem to repel many pests. Below is a list of natural insect repellents sure to clear any infestation.


Mosquitoes hate garlic. Eating garlic bread infuses the skin with the juice of the herb, causing mosquitoes to stay away. Mixing a teaspoonful of garlic juice with one cup of water will produce a spray for exposed skin that mosquitoes won’t touch. Cut up a few garlic cloves to stuff between the flooring of the deck. Ants won’t get on the deck. Cockroaches hate garlic as well. Place cut up cloves of garlic in high traffic areas and watch the roaches disappear.

Mint and Bay Leaves

The smell of mint and bay leaves will repel cockroaches, flies, and ants. Make a sachet containing crushed mint or bay leaves and place in high traffic areas. Mint and bay leaves can be crushed and placed in affected areas but must be replaced after two weeks. Sachets containing mint and bay leaves may also be placed in areas such as closets and chests of drawers to repel moths.

Lemon and Cucumber

Natural citrus oils mean death to many invaders. Place the peels or slices of cucumber in the path of ants and they will turn back. Cockroaches, too, hate cucumber. Place slices or peels in high traffic areas. Dried lemon peels make moths crazy. Placing them in clothes closets and chests of drawers will make them moth-free. Boil water and include a whole sliced lemon. When it cools, spray the mixture on the dog to repel fleas. It is not advisable to use oils of citrus on cats.

Cayenne Pepper

Mix cayenne pepper powder with other peppers such as black and white pepper. Sprinkle the pepper mixture in cracks and crevices where bugs enter the domicile. Place the pepper mixture in window sills, doorways and along baseboards. Sprinkle the pepper mixture outside the house as well. Hotter pepper sauces work just as well and can be applied to the same places as the powder mixture. All bugs hate pepper and will be repelled.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the remains of fossilized hard-shell algae which is used in many products, including toothpaste. The bugs walk into the diatomaceous earth but they don’t come out. The razor-edge shells cut the exoskeleton of the bug, thereby dehydrating the intruder and killing it within 48 hours. This works on any invader.