The wonderful world of sushi

It is incredibly healthy and filling and it is becoming very popular in the UK. It’s sushi which translates as “sour tasting” not that sushi does taste like that. It’s a reference to the vinegared rice that you get with it. It’s usually the standard medium or long grain white rice but there is no reason why you can’t have brown. In fact, some of the recipes suggest it plus its an even healthier option.  The usual thing to have with it is fish like tuna, shrimp, calamari or for the very adventurous eel. One thing to get out of the way now is that Sushi does not involve raw fish or. That is sashimi and you don’t even need to have the rice with it. Something to remember if you plan on offering sushi in your restaurant is to clearly follow any guidelines relating to serving raw fish. You can find more information regarding the legislation and guidelines you should follow by working with a Food Safety Consultants such as

Where does Sushi come from?

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Sushi is Japanese and one of the mainstays of the country’s cuisine. It’s probably one of the most well-known foods from Japan. You might not want to try the original style as this involved fermented rice, hence the name sour tasting. Vinegar is now the accepted alternative and much nicer. There was no addition of fish or anything else to begin with it was just plain rice. It was not until the start of the Edo period in 1603 that fish was added to the rice as well. This was made into square blocks using bamboo moulds. The food is extremely decorative and is usually served in a box with a wide selection. In fact, it is seen as more of an art form and the sushi’s appearance is greatly prized.

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The sushi that we eat is not exactly authentically Japanese. As with Pizza, Curry and Chinese food what we have has been adapted to our tastes and using the ingredients that we would better recognise.  For example, the most popular and common style of nori is the California roll. In most cases the nori is a thin seaweed wrap around the fish is on the outside with the rice underneath. In the case of the California roll the fish is inside the rice. The rice is outside and covered with toasted sesame seeds or roe or nori. The fish inside is changeable with either tuna or crab. One other factor that makes the roll popular is that there are vegetarian options available. For example, avocado is very popular as is carrot and cucumber.