Tips for Creating a Home Office You’ll Want to Work in

Working from home has many benefits. There is no long commute to endure daily and your work-life balance is likely to be better, however you still have work to do and having a dedicated space to do it in is important.

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You have the unique opportunity to design an office studio that is fully customised to your style of working, and your ultimate goal should be to create a space that you are eager to spend time in each day. Here are some tips to help you to achieve that goal.

1. Gather inspiration, but think practically

The internet is an incredible tool for finding inspiration, however it is important to keep practicalities in mind too. That particular shade of red may look attractive in photographs, but do you really want to look at such a bold shade all day during the working week?

You undoubtedly need to create an environment you want to spend time in or you will simply ignore it in favour of working from your living room. However, that beautiful chair may look stylish, but will it support your back through a full work day? Ergonomic chairs have distinct health benefits, so when choosing pieces you love, don’t forget to make sure they’re comfortable and practical too.

2. Light

Natural light has many benefits, and if your office is situated in your garden such as with spaces provided by, you will be naturally encouraged to take regular breaks to look outside and take in the view. As darkness falls, however, you will also need some thoughtfully positioned lighting. Avoid cold overhead spotlights and choose some interesting table or floor lamps with bulbs that emit a warm, soft light. Your environment will feel cosy and won’t resemble a cold office cubicle.

3. Finishing touches

Small details can make a big difference. Hiding unsightly wires can make a space feel airier, and including some greenery will add extra life, colour and texture. Don’t forget to personalise your space by incorporating things that make you happy, so that your office remains a place that you enjoy spending time in. Add some beautifully framed photographs of your family, a comforting candle, or your favourite blanket to ensure you are both comfortable and productive throughout your work day.