Tips for preparing for professional carpet cleaning and selecting the best cleaner

Vacuum cleaning at home is not always sufficient for cleaning the carpets as there might be many hidden dust particles or allergens trapped in it. We often need professional service for better cleaning of carpets, if not possible to replace the old carpet with a new one. Professional carpet cleaning is ideal for complete wash and sterilization of the carpet and they can reach every single corner which may not be possible when you do the cleaning by yourself. Many agencies offer professional carpet cleaning London for different rates and charges. You should select the best carpet cleaner according to your budget. Also, follow some rules to prepare your home for the professional carpet cleaning.

Clean the house before service visit

You must dust off your furniture, paintings, switch boards, light fixtures and paintings before the service visit of the professionals. This will not only reduce their estimate, but also help in total cleaning of the house. If you clean the house after carpet cleaning, it will make the carpet dirty again. Allow yourself plenty of time for doing this, as this is very tiring.

Move the furniture

Though professional cleaners move the furniture for you, but it is always better to move most pieces of furniture in a spare room. The professional don’t have to waste time for furniture moving and can start their work immediately.

Keep away the household items

Put the decorative pieces and other household items in boxes and store them in garage or outside. This will ensure less damage of the articles along with the faster and better cleaning of the carpet.

Keep the valuables safe

Ensure the safety of valuable items of your home by locking them in chests or trunks or you can also keep them in your car and lock it. Thus, there will be no threat of loss or theft and you can supervise the cleaning more freely.

Utilize your bathroom for storage

You can put some light weight articles in your bathroom for temporary storage but make sure to keep the shower free for taking a bath after the cleaning. If you have spare bathroom, you can use it as storage room.

Allow time for drying the carpet

The carpet should be dried after steam cleaning before you move your furniture back; otherwise the carpets may be stained or permanently damaged. Ask the cleaning professional for how long you should allow the carpet to get dry.

For selecting the most suitable professional cleaners for your carpet, follow the rules mentioned below:

  • Measure the area: Estimate the area and rooms where you want cleaning. You might want full house along with hallways and stair to be cleaned or restrict the cleaning to some rooms only.
  • Perform market research: Do some research for getting idea on rates and charges of professional cleaning offered by different cleaners in London. You can check the rates online or by calling the agencies.
  • Make your budget: Once you know the rates and the area, calculate your budget. You might change your plans to fit in the budget or adjust the budget itself for a better service.
  • Make an appointment: Decide the date when you want the cleaning and check with the agency if they can provide the service on the same date. If you want the cleaning on the weekend, try to do it on Saturdays so that you have the Sunday as buffer.

Professional cleaning is best for the maintenance and durability of your carpet and you don’t have to take much headache if you follow simple guideline.