Tips for Surviving the Office Christmas Party

With the festive season rapidly approaching, how do you survive the work Christmas party without blunder? There are many dos and don’ts when it come to the office party, so take note now to avoid embarrassing upsets.


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The office Christmas party is a potential minefield of awkward mis-steps, or worse still, a possibility for demotion or even being fired. From a shed load of booze to dodgy dancing and loose lips, the opportunities to embarrass yourself are numerous. Knowing how to navigate your way through these treacherous waters can be hugely helpful in retaining your position and job.

Don’t Get Drunk

While Christmas work nights out generally mean free food and free booze, it is still good to remember that this is a work event. While it is all right to let your hair down and relax and enjoy a drink or two, it is prudent to remember you are still being watched and judged by your colleagues, clients and superiors.

Avoid Office Gossip

Try not to spread gossip or repeat rumours. Confessing your sins to clients or colleagues is highly inadvisable. If in doubt, keep chat general and on subjects such as children, families and holidays. Remember that alcohol and gossip almost never end well, so avoid at all costs.

Dress Appropriately

Err on the side of caution when it comes to a very short or very tight outfit. Be aware of the dress code and dress accordingly. Speak to colleagues about what they are wearing if you are unsure.


Use the party to meet and talk to people you don’t normally get the chance to. Use it as a social networking event, ensuring you make a good first impression, rather than trying to make new friends.

Don’t Leave Early

Stay for a reasonable amount of time, as leaving early can appear unappreciative or anti-social. Someone has spent a lot of time planning the event, or may have used a specialist company such as Davis Events Christmas corporate nights out to ensure all the staff enjoy a special Christmas party.

Send a Thank-You

It shows you have good manners if you send a thank-you to your bosses and to whoever hosted the party. This takes little time and effort, but the impression it gives is very positive.