Tips To Maintaining Your Windows

If you have just installed replacement windows or you have windows that you have been neglecting, it is important to properly maintain the windows in order to keep them in excellent working condition and functioning efficiently. There is much more involved with maintaining windows than just giving a quick wipe with a cloth to the window panes. To ensure your windows are properly maintained, the following is a list of tips to maintaining your windows.

Window Inspection
Damaged seals around the edge of the window can permit moisture and air to penetrate and heat to escape during the winter. Check the edges to see if they are properly sealed and in good condition. Also, check for gaps around the outer edges of the window frame. Fill any gaps and cracks with paintable caulking. Check to see if window locks and catches have been painted. Remove and soak in paint thinner and then lubricate the moving parts. Then reinstall. If any parts are damaged, replace them. If you have double or triple-glazed windows, check for damaged seals which can lead to condensation with the panes. If there is condensation, you should have the problem fixed right away.

Check Weather Stripping
It is important to check the weather stripping carefully as it protects loss of heat and also acts as a moisture barrier.  Replace damaged weather stripping to ensure maximum protection and energy efficiency. A window inspection should be performed each year or every two years.

Ensure Windows Are Always Clean
It is important to make sure your windows are kept clean. It will not only improve the appearance of the home but it will help reduce your power bill. Dirty windows will prevent the light from shining in the home, particularly in the cool mornings. This means the rooms will stay cooler longer causing the furnace to be turned on to heat the room. In addition, cloudy windows will keep the light out thereby increasing the use of lights.

Maintain Quality Window Screens
It is important to ensure you have window screens that are in excellent condition.This is important because the screens protect the windows from damage. Missing screens or damaged screens reduce the level of window protection and allows debris to reach the windows. If there is damage, replace the screens.

Immediately Make Window Repairs
Whenever you find a problem with a window, immediately make the repair. If the damage cannot be fixed, consider replacement windows. Always have caulk on hand to seal chips and cracks around the edges of the windows. (where the edges of your windows meet interior walls and the exterior siding) Keep lubricant on hand to spray any tight moving parts so that windows can close and open easily and smoothly. Keep window tracks lubricated. Make sure the exterior window frames are properly sealed with caulk. Check for cracked or broken glass and check broken frame corners on each window panes which will require immediate repair or replacement.

To ensure your windows remain in good condition and function properly, it is essential to perform either annual or bi-annual window inspections and make the appropriate repairs when a problem is discovered. Window inspections should be a part of every homeowners home maintenance plan. Window maintenance will keep the moisture and cold air out of the home and heat will stay in the home. You will save money and extend the life of your windows.