Top 10 UK Dog Breeds

Here in the UK we love our canine companions. It seems that most households have a dog of some description but what are the nation’s favourite breeds?

10. The Miniature Schnauzer

For 2018, the miniature schnauzer has dropped a spot from 9 to 10 but has knocked the border terrier out of the top 10 completely. However, this little pooch makes a great companion, especially for those seeking a smaller dog. It does have a few health issues to be aware of but a good life-span.

9. The Daschund

New in the top 10 is the miniature smooth-haired daschund. These cute little sausage dogs have a distinctive body shape but sadly, back problems are commonplace so do your homework before you buy.

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8. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has dropped two places this year but still remains a popular family pet. Best known for its brave service with the police force. They are highly trainable, loyal and active dogs.

7. The Golden Retriever

Staying firmly at the same spot as last year, this breed, originally a gun dog is one our most beloved, beautiful and good-natured breeds. They are hugely popular family pets but beware that health concerns, including cancer can often cause issues.

6. The Bulldog

Rising three places in 2018 is the iconic breed of Britishness. Long seen as the mascot of a nation, the bulldog is still enjoying much popularity as a good-natured family pet. Unfortunately, there are some big health problems that bulldogs can suffer with so be sure to do your research.

5. The English Springer Spaniel

Down two places this year but still enjoying its spot in the top 10 thanks to being a joyous gun dog with a rambunctious and fun-filled attitude. They can be a handful, so be prepared. They have boundless energy and enthusiasm. Treat your pooch to some serious bling with Dog Collars and Leads from

4. The Pug

Getting more popular every year, the squishy-faced pooch has stolen our hearts. However, there are significant health concerns due to the dog’s body shape. If you’ve got your heart set on a pug, make sure you know how to look after his or her special needs.

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3. The Cocker Spaniel

There are two varieties of Cockers, show dogs and working dogs are quite different animals. Show cockers are bred to be pets, with a fluffier and gentler demeanour. Working dogs are hugely popular in shooting sports and as agility dogs so are bred to be incredibly active.

2. French Bulldog

Increasing in popularity year on year, this canine companion has truly captured our hearts. A sweet-natured and charming dog that is the result of selective breeding with the health issues that come with it.

1.The Labrador

Not just the UK, but the world over – the Lab hits the top spot almost every time. Their temperament is perfect and that’s what makes them family favourites time and again.