Top natural health supplements you should consider taking

Natural health supplements have become increasingly popular and can supply many of the nutrients our bodies need for good health. Fortunately, they are also becoming more widely available, so people can easily source the particular nutrients they need. Here is a look at some of the best natural supplements for today’s busy lifestyle.


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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain high levels of omega fatty acids. These are beneficial for brain functioning, which is something that everyone would agree they need! However, their benefits also extend to the heart because they can combat high cholesterol and reduce the incidence of heart disease. Chia seeds are easy to use in many different ways. They can be added to cakes and pastries, eaten raw or soaked in fruit juice. Many people enjoy them sprinkled on their breakfast cereal.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has long been used externally for skin conditions and healing, but it also has internal benefits. According to Diabetes UK, a recent study found that aloe vera decreases blood glucose levels, with the greatest effect being on people with high fasting blood sugar. Aloe vera juice has also been shown to be beneficial in inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions such as ulcers, IBS and colitis.

Goji Berries

These tasty berries are deservedly famous as a superfood because they contain amino acids, antioxidants and a vast number of vitamins and minerals. Goji berries have been used for more than 6,000 years in Chinese medicine and are popular with many celebrities today. Everyone can benefit from using goji berries, and they add taste as well as health-giving properties to the diet.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for cooking oil in almost any recipe. It contains fatty acids that can help with weight loss and also increases the absorption of magnesium and calcium. Among its other health benefits, coconut oil is claimed to support healthy thyroid function, help with anxiety and depression, and improve sleeping patterns. Natural health supplements such as coconut oil can be found at sites like

Cacao Powder

You really cannot go wrong with the flavour of chocolate combined with healthy antioxidants to boost your immune system. In addition to fighting common ailments, cacao powder can help with weight control by satisfying your sweet tooth.

Why not enhance your diet with these natural supplements?