Top Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

The long days are drawing to a close and autumn is well and truly under way. Sadly this means an increase in burglaries in the UK, as opportunists find it easier to gain entry to people’s houses during shorter, darker days. Studies show that insurance claims rise in autumn, so what can you do to keep your house safer during the winter months?


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Setting Light Timers and Sensor Lights

When the lights are off it’s fairly obvious that no one’s home. If you work long hours or shifts then it’s hard to do anything about that, but you can buy timers designed for plug in lamps which control your lights so they come on as soon as the sun goes down. It’s well worth buying security lights for the outside of your property. These lights sense movement and light up your whole drive or garden should anyone walk there.

Home Alarm

Home alarms are one of the biggest deterrents to burglars and are highly recommended by the police. Alarms can also provide savings on your home insurance.

Upgrade Locks

Make sure that the locks you have on your house are good enough. For those living in Northern Ireland you can talk to an established locksmith in Belfast who can help you change your locks from ones which are easy to break in with, to ones which aren’t.

Lock Everything

Many burglars are opportunists who will enter a home when a window or back door appears to be open or unlocked. Have a policy of locking every window and door securely when you leave the house. Should the worst happen and burglars still gain entry by breaking an existing lock, then a professional locksmith in Belfast will be able to fix any damage and offer further advice.

Boundary Security

It’s not just your windows and doors that make it easy for burglars to gain entry to your property. Dodgy gates, missing fence panels and unruly shrubs all help burglars slip in and hide without being seen.

If you are still worried about your home security, your local police or locksmith will be able to offer advice and support. Upgrading your locks and investing in alarms, lights and timers are key ways to reduce burglaries in the run up to Christmas.