What are the Good Things About Wasps?

Wasps tend to get a bit of a bad reputation – known for marauding around picnics, harassing children for ice lollies and seemingly unprovoked nasty stings, they are definitely not one of the most popular creatures in the UK. This is particularly true if you happen to be allergic to them, in which case you should do your best to stay away from them and call in an expert such as this pest control Chelmsford based company to remove them if you suspect that they are nesting on your property.

But despite the terrible reputations that wasps have and the fact that they seem to exist just to cause trouble in our lives, they are actually a beneficial and necessary part of the ecosystem.

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As top predators, wasps do a brilliant job of keeping other insects under control – they are particularly handy for gardeners and farmers as they eat many of the creatures that destroy plants and crops.

Another thing that they certainly don’t get enough credit for is being important pollinators. Although their cousins the bees get all the credit for this, wasps also do this very important job, and are not as fussy as bees over what flowers they visit.

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Anyone who appreciates good architecture will certainly appreciate a wasps nest – created from bits of wood, that was chewed up by the wasp and mixed with their saliva to form a hard paste they are really some extraordinary structures to behold. Even more impressive is the fact that the nest is started by a single queen who is hard at work building single cells within the nest for her first batch of eggs.