What do you keep in yours?

Not many of us can boast having a clean, tidy and immaculately organised garage. Most of us probably have a bit of a ramshackle affair going on with a garage full of old junk and things we think we will use again but in fact, never will. Here are some of the funny things that are probably lurking in every British garage right now:

A whole host of Allen keys that we no longer have any idea what piece of furniture they were for. We keep them as we are convinced they will be needed one day but we never label them so over the passing of time, we forget what on earth they were for anyway.

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A box of old Christmas decorations that we just can’t bring ourselves to bin. The lights are probably broken and the tinsel smells of damp but we are sure that one day we’ll be so relieved that we know where they are and they’ll be essential for some as yet unknown purpose.

Spare dining chairs or old office chairs that could possibly be wheeled out if we have guests for dinner. Do we ever have guests for dinner? Well, not very often but hey you never know when you’ll need a dusty old chair so better keep hold of it!

Why do we feel the need to keep old cans of paint that only have a drop left in them? These are cans from decades ago when royal blue for the landing seemed like a good idea. Could we really find ourselves in a desperate situation where only a splash of royal blue paint will save the day? No, didn’t think so.

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Cardboard boxes from every expensive purchase ever made – just in case we need to return something of course! Why then do we keep said boxes until well past the return date? Well, clearly cardboard boxes which are long and flat from the flat screen TV delivery are really useful for storing all those other flat screen TV shaped objects we have lying around!

Tubs full of random screws that serve no other purpose than to remind us that something somewhere has a screw missing and might collapse at any time. Will we ever use them? Probably not, but it makes us feel organised and resourceful and that’s all that counts. Does this sound like your garage? Get some order in there with Garage Shelving. For more information, visit https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/.

Old Wellington boots that no longer fit anyone and are so full of cobwebs and creepy crawlies that no one in their right mind would blindly put a foot in one. Next to these are the abandoned weights that were purchased one New Year, used twice and now act as a dust gathering relic to health to fitness – a bit like the occupants of the house!

The old vacuum cleaner that never got binned because it still works and might be useful if the current model burns out. Even though, it’s got zero suction and prefers to gently exhale dust and bits all over your carpet instead.