What to Expect From a Wine Tasting Event

Many people would like to learn more about wine but are not sure what to expect from a wine tasting event. These gatherings are friendly and informative places where people can go to explore new flavours and varieties of wine and learn more about this fascinating subject.


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Wine tastings events are not only for a certain type of person – they are totally inclusive and people from all walks of life attend these events to explore wine as a subject. Many people are getting more into wine with English wine developing a strong following among wine aficionados.

Formal or Casual

These events are all different. Some events are formal and have lectures and seminars with guest speakers and allow a more academic approach to the learning experience. Other wine tasting events are more informal and arranged more like parties with lots of people milling around, chatting and tasting together.

Wine tastings allow you to train your palate to appreciate the difference in aroma and flavour of all different wines. You will learn which wines to serve with which foods, whether for savoury or sweet dishes, as an aperitif or dessert wine. Learning about wine also helps you become more astute when looking to buy wine gifts online from stores, such as http://thewinecompanyni.com/.

Wine Tasting Etiquette

Just like other types of events, wine tastings have their own etiquette. This will become clear at the tasting as you will be told what to do. However, as a guide, wine tasters will not drink every sip they take as this would render the taster unable to appreciate the flavour as well as perhaps become inebriated. Instead the tasters will spit the tasted wine out into a spittoon. Leaving the wine in your month for eight to ten seconds is all that is required to taste it fully.

When tasting, it is a good idea to try to draw some air into your mouth to fully taste the flavour. This is why some tasters sometimes make a slurping sound. As wine tasting needs the full awareness of all the senses it is important that no one smokes nearby to infringe on the aromas. It is also advisable not to wear any strong perfume, aftershave, deodorants or hair sprays while attending a wine tasting event to maintain the purity of the air.