When Do You Need to Notify the Council That You Are Getting Replacement Windows?

Most people are aware that they need to seek planning permission from their local authority if they want to extend their property.


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But did you know that you may also need to notify them if you want to replace the glazing in your home to check that it complies with Building Control policies? Here are the rules surrounding this somewhat complex issue.

What Are the Rules?

The rules state that where windows are replaced in an existing property, the new set must comply with the specifications detailed in part K4 of the Building Regulations in England. This applies regardless of whether the work is being carried out by yourself or another party.

Once the work has been carried out, it also needs to be demonstrated that all other applicable requirements in section 1 have been complied with. This is true across the UK, so whether you are looking at replacement glazing in Leicester from http://www.nanduglass.co.uk replacement glazing specialists in Leicester or in Land’s End, you need to be aware of the requirements.

Why Do We Need Them?

There are many reasons we might choose to replace our windows. The Department of Energy states that it can save you money on your energy costs, or you might simply want to improve the aesthetics of your home.

But if windows are incorrectly installed, then it can cause a lot of expensive and potentially dangerous problems for you and your home. As such, thermal insulation, access, ventilation and a sound structure are just a few of the areas that require compliance within the Building Regulations.

Are the Rules the Same for All Properties?

No. Flats and maisonettes may require planning permission before any replacements are installed, regardless of whether they meet the Building Regulations standards. In these cases, someone living in this type of property must check with the local authority before starting work. The same applies to listed buildings, which will also need permission before works can go ahead.

What About Doors, Porches and Conservatories?

Doors with less than 50% glazing are controlled under the K4 Building Regulations, and so are all porches and conservatories. For safety and quality purposes you should always adhere to them – they are there to protect you and your home and family.