Why metallic interiors is a design trend that’s here to stay

Metal has been used in interior decor over the years, but the trend has continued to grow and develop, evolving with the changing tastes of consumers. This has led it to become a strong element that continues to feature in many homes and will do so in the future, as long as designers keep adapting it to meet the overall look of modern interiors.

Why metallic interiors is a design trend that's here to stay

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Not just an industrial look

When people first mention metal in relation to interiors, you’re likely to think of industrial warehouse conversions with iron girders and exposed beams. Alternatively, you might conjure up images of stainless steel kitchen appliances and think that metal interiors don’t go any further. However, metal can now feature in homes in a variety of ways, from flooring and furniture to wallpaper and paint.

The changing face of metallic interiors has been happening for a number of years. It was originally a bathroom feature, but it then moved into furniture and modern lighting designs throughout the home. From there, minimalist wire shelving was incorporated to create sleek storage units and then warmer metals, such as brass and copper, began to be introduced.

This features throughout interior design and continues to be a dominant trend in 2016, with experts suggesting that it is combined with natural materials, like wood and marble, to create a high-quality look that won’t go out of style.

Metal in 2016

Metal in any style is still big news in interior design, but it is often used with more subtlety today. For example, you could hang a metallic wallpaper to give a room more warmth. Installing aluminium radiators, such as those available from http://apolloradiators.co.uk/View/3/52/129/category/modena/modena-horizontal-, can make the space feel lighter and offer a low-key way of incorporating the trend into your decor.

Available for all budgets

One of the benefits of metal is that there is generally an option available for all budgets, with low-cost metals becoming much easier to acquire. This has led to many creative ways for it to be incorporated into interiors, such as making coffee tables from copper pipes.

There don’t appear to be any signs that the popularity of metal is waning. With so many different choices available, you can still make your home feel personalised and unique with metal.