Why People Are Returning to Wooden Houses

These days, we are urged to be environmentally aware, to be concerned about climate change and knowledgeable about energy saving. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to future generations to halt global warming.


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Evidence surrounds us indicating that the climate is changing. Floods, storms, droughts are all commonplace. The rise in timber frame construction as the building method of choice suggests that the builder is taking note of environmental change.

Reasons to Choose Wood

Wood has been used to build homes since time began. In several Northern European countries, such as Norway and Switzerland, wood is the primary construction material.

If you are deliberating over wood or steel, there are good reasons why you should consider wood as your construction material.

90 per cent of the wood used for wooden homes in the UK is sourced from sustainable forests in Northern Europe. The timber is re-planted at a quicker rate than it is felled. Also, this wood is certified as a renewable source thus outperforming other materials as a sustainable product. According to the British Woodworking Association for every tonne of wood used in construction, a tonne of carbon dioxide produced by alternative construction materials is saved.

Furthermore, wood is more energy efficient. It is easier and less damaging to extract, to manufacture, to deliver and to build with. Wood lasts longer as a building product than concrete or steel, for example. It is also considered to be more energy efficient as it is a champion for CO2 emission reduction. The natural surface temperature of the product together with its innate energy efficiency reduces emissions and naturally traps greenhouse gases.

Psychological Benefits of Timber Homes

Homes such as those supplied by Qtf a timber frame construction company, make you feel great and are good for your health. The naturally humidifying nature of wood provides optimum living conditions.

For the design- conscious, timber homes are ideal. Tactile and sensitive, wood lends itself to bespoke home building. It’s smell and touch create an inviting living environment.

Wooden homes are cheaper and quicker to build than concrete and steel. Because much of the construction is undertaken off-site, the actual build time can be minimal ultimately saving costs.

If in pursuit of the ideal home, you are unable to see the wood for the trees, then timber bay be the obvious choice.