Work your whole body in 5 minutes with intense exercises

With the busy schedules it is very difficult to find a space to do some exercise and maintain the activity and care of our body. This time we present a series of best intense exercise that may only be three movements, but you’ll notice your whole body will feel it; Arms, abdominals, belly and bass.

Steps to follow:

We all want to keep us healthy and to be honestly it will make us happy as well. For lake of times we often cannot take care our health as a result our body get broke down and we fall in some serious health issues. To avoid the risk and maintain a good health we only ask your 5 minutes to live a healthy life.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and do as many sets as you can, make a cycle through the three easy exercises that we’ll explain below. Move fast, but keep the right shape, keeping your abs moving all the time. Above all, it is important to maintain order and … do not stop moving! Doing this best intense exercise you will notice the difference very shortly.

Easy to perform exercises:

– 5 pushups

– 10 V Crunch

– 15 Squat Jumps


The pushups of the arms are the most common and simple exercises to perform, perfect for toning arms and upper back.

  • Keep your back straight like a plank. Separate yourself from the ground with arms outstretched while keeping your hands just below the shoulders.
  • Take a breath and as you exhale, slowly bend your elbows toward the sides bringing your chest to the ground. Stop when you feel your shoulders and elbows are aligned. Breathe again to stretch the arms back and back to the starting position to complete that with a repeat.
  • If it is very difficult for you that way, you can perform the exercise with using your knees on the floor.

Note: Do the process for five times a day.

V Crunch:

This is one of a complete abdominal exercises and easy to do, it works equal y to the abdominals and trunk parts as well as in the extremities

  • Rest on your back and extend your legs and arms so they are extended pointing to the ceiling. Straighten your back away from the floor, trying to reach your feet with your hands.
  • Place your legs toward the floor as you stretch your arms up, getting your abdominals are tense and your low and buttocks will support the full weight of your body.
  • Repeat this exercise to complete a repetition.

Note: Do the process for10 repetitions.

Jump Squats:

One of the best exercises to do at home is squats. Additionally it enters between the exercises for the abdomen and trunk.

  • Stand with your feet parallel looking ahead, shoulders should be back and straight.
  • Make the movement of a squat and in the middle of the process; tightens the belly and jumps quickly and explosively with arms stretched upwards after a curve movement to avoid elbow flexion.
  • As you land, squat your body in the original squat position to complete a replay. Try to land as softly as possible; it will give you the control of the exercise.

Note: Complete the process with 15 more repetitions.

This way you will get used to for your daily exercise. It is important to make clear that the performance increase depends on the number of cycles to complete in 5 minutes, since its effectiveness is depend in the relationship between speed and intensity. However, it is better to do well make 5 reps in a minute than 20 poorly made that may bring only injuries and bad gestures. To avoid a useless exercise, it is better to start slowly and after sometimes you can increase as the body allow you.

Not everyone has time to spend an afternoon in the gym, but these five minutes to invest in home exercise will keep you fit at any time in your tight calendar. With this best intense exercise, you are guaranteed a full body exercise that will test your stamina and endurance.