You can promote your website for free – here’s how

So you’re putting your website together and thinking about how to promote it. It can be daunting and you don’t want to spend lots. There’s lots of tips you can do to promote your website and it’s absolutely free.

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Get the SEO right

For search engines to notice your website you need to be proactive and analytical to make your website stand out from the rest. There’s lots to do, buy domain name, get the branding right and figure out what your target audience will be searching for so you can get the content right. Getting the domain name right is essential, it has to be clear and memorable so both customers and search engines get a good idea of what your business and brand is about just from those very simple words. Use websites like to get the right domain name for you,

Lots of great content

Think carefully about your content, what unique selling points your business has and what search terms will your customers use that will drive traffic to your site and away from your competitors. Getting the content right and providing lots of fresh content has long term sustainable results and helps keep your customers loyal and coming back for more. Other promotions may cause web traffic spikes, but this creates a long steady growth of web traffic.

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Blog and guest blog

Blog on your own site, but also use that content to provide a guest blog on another related but not competing site and establish yourself as an expert to the audience. Don’t be too obvious with a sales pitch, provide useful content that keeps the reader interested and provide a link back to your site so they can find out more and navigate their way around your site. Search engines like back links as it shows an element of trust that an engaged reader has chosen to click through to your site from the tips and advice you’ve provided.

Get more backlinks

The more backlinks you can arrange the more website traffic you’ll gain. You’ll need to network with other sites to get their trust initially and offer them content that will be useful to their audience, so giving their web traffic a boost too.

Providing great content with good SEO will give your web traffic a boost for free.