Surely you have not seen a router like this: this model will not go unnoticed in the decoration of your home

On many occasions we have talked about design when dealing with the purchase of a device for the home. Especially when this, for the functionality it offers, must be in sight, something that makes us choose to look for an aspect that is integrated in a more or less discreet in the decoration of the room.

In the case of routers and because they must be in clear areas and almost always visible, we have witnessed designs that cover all tastes. There are more or less striking but few with the appearance of this that we just met. It’s the Kinetic router.

A router, a grinder or a sculpture? To begin with, this model, designed by the designer JeongHwan Sohn, certainly does not go unnoticed if we place it in the living room or in the bedroom. Made in metal this model offers a feature never before seen.

And is that if until now we were guided by some light to know if the router was working, in the antennas that serve to send the signal throughout the house move when the router is activated and running. When it is disconnected, they become immobile.

In addition, being an element that seeks to have a prominent space in the home , favors the improvement of coverage and distribution of the wireless signal among all the devices we have at home. We will not have to look for a concealed location in a shelf.

For the rest and with a delicate aspect, it is at the base where we find all the connections . An Ethernet port and three in-line outputs together with a USB 3.0 port are the options that it offers.

It is also a dual band router, which offers support for the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands . Of the rest of the specifications as well as the price, we do not have details, but it must be recognized that just by seeing it, it has captivated us.