The most attractive places and the most visited cities in the world

Today ends the year and we consider what will have been the most visited places by travelers and tourists of the world. You think that the Eiffel Tower, the Sagrada Familia or the MOMA in New York are the points with more affluence, you will be surprised by this ranking of Far and Wide with the most attractive places and the most visited cities in the world .

Reviewing the ten most attractive for visitors, we will discuss the keys to take advantage of them and some tips to avoid the crowds , if it is possible in these places so requested by travelers from around the world.

Just out of curiosity we will tell you that the Eiffel Tower appears at number 38, and that the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona is not among the 50 attractions with the most public in the world. Let’s see this surprising ranking that attends to the number of registered / estimated visitors in the year.

1. The Strip – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The main artery of Sin City, houses more than 30 casinos, as well as the famous fountains of Bellagio and the High Roller, a 550-foot tall ferris wheel that slowly turns over the city. More than 75% of all Vegas visitors stay at hotels located on The Strip and during rush hours, such as during the Super Bowl, March Madness, Halloween and the Consumer Electronics Show, the pressure from people is tremendous.

Hint : Better to visit during the week during the winter (as long as there are no big conventions) and when the high summer temperatures in the desert keep the crowds out of the street or in the pool.

2. Times Square – New York

It is natural that New York, one of the most visited cities in the world is taking this ranking, but we were surprised to see Times Square in second place and Central Park in third place . The lights, the neon and the sensation of being in the center of the planet, make this point attractive that each year about 40 million human beings tread.

Hint : The most “relaxed” month to go to New York is February, when only 250,000 people walk on Times Square every day …

3. Central Park – New York

The Central Park of New York, with its lively life, its rides, cars, horses, skaters, people doing pic nic, its corner dedicated to Lennon with Strawberry Fields and many other attractions, make this park is in third place ranking, exceeding 37.5 million visits.

Hint : Any day, any time is good to enjoy this lung in Manhattan although the cold days and early, you will find less people.

4. Union Station – Washington, DC

This station is the one that beats all the records, with more than 32.5 million people using it every day and enjoying its original and baroque decoration.

Clue : It is a building very visited and traveled throughout the year, although in winter it is easier to take advantage to be able to take pictures without so many people.

5. Niagara Falls – USA and Canada

Niagara Falls, which serve as the border between the United States and Canada are – for me surprisingly – one of the most visited places in the world , well ahead of the real wonders such as Iguazu, Victoria Falls or the beautiful Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Track : To avoid the more than 22.5 million annual travelers, it is preferable to go to the beginning of spring or the end of autumn when there is a slight drop in the number of visitors to this spectacular border between two countries of the first world.

6. Grand Central Station – New York

We have already included it as essential in a visit to New York and we always insist on your interest. This station trains and commuters in New York, has a market in the lower part and has been the scene of many movies .

Track: Visited annually by more than 21.6 million people, it is preferable to visit it in the cold months to avoid uncomfortable crowds, avoiding rush hours.

7. Faneuil Hall – Boston, Massachusetts

I admit that I did not know of its existence and yet this market full of lively shops to find almost everything in this New England city in the United States receives more than 18 million visitors every year.

Hint: Take advantage of the hard winter dates to visit Boston without a lot of crowds and especially, see very early.

8. Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom – Orlando, Florida

The magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World located in Orlando, in the state of Florida, is undoubtedly one of the most visited places on our planet , reaching a tremendous figure of 17.5 million travelers.

Hint : It is best to take advantage of the offers to sleep in the park and benefit from special hours for those who are staying to fight the crowds and queues at the attractions.

9. Disneyland Park – Anaheim, California.

The power of seduction of Disney parks is tremendous and within the ranking of the 50 most visited attractions in the world, we find several representatives of this entertainment chain, mainly in Florida USA. In this case the Disneyland Park of California , with its almost 16 million visitors is in the 9th position of this compilation.

Hint: It is convenient to take advantage of the hours of the meals and the low seasons to avoid the crowds in this exciting place that opened in 1966.

10. The lost city of Beijing in China

With more than 15.3 million visitors per year, it is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the world . (And that is limited to a daily quota of 80,000 people per day not to saturate) The growth of Chinese domestic tourism and openness to the world have made the number not stop growing.

Hint : Better to visit early during the week during the low season, from November to March.