Creative wedding ideas for gift boxes and card holders

Cards and gifts are one of the most traditional and popular ways in which your guests will honour your big day. Why not incorporate a fun and creative way to hold your cards and gifts on the day into the overall design of your wedding? You could chat with all your bridesmaids, family and friends whilst on your hen do and make a plan of what you want made.  You will want to be together in a fun and creative environment so perhaps contacting a Hen Party Bus Cheltenham company and getting a fun ride together would make sense.  Just take a look at sites including to see what they have in terms of transport, take your pens and paper and get creating. Below are some ideas.

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Picnic basket

For a spring or summer wedding, why not invite your guests to place their cards and gifts in a charming wicker picnic basket – decorated with the newlyweds’ names, of course – and add to the feel of a fun and festive family get-together. You could even make picnic-style gift bags or add a slice of wedding cake. A slice of wedding cake from Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip was recently auctioned for hundreds of pounds!

Hobbies case

For musical couples, a guitar or violin case has proved an especially popular way to accept cards and gifts in a style that is unmistakably theirs! There are many ways to adapt the trend; for example, perhaps your spouse-to-be is a painter or camping enthusiast? An empty paintbox, complete with decorative easel and artfully-arranged brushes could be an excellent choice, or why not set up a fun mini tent with room for presents and cards for a camping enthusiast?


An old-fashioned red postbox can be a charming and nostalgic feature, especially if you are aiming for a vintage wedding theme. There are many types of postbox to choose from and they are a fun and convenient way to keep your cards together – especially for younger guests – and can be an eye-catching feature in themselves. Some beautiful examples of wedding card holders can be found on popular wedding websites.

Travel case

Like many couples, you may be planning a honeymoon. An attractive way to incorporate your travels into the theme of your wedding is my providing a beautiful open suitcase, perhaps with a map or photograph of your destination, inviting guests to place their cards and gifts inside. Not only is this a handy and convenient way to transport the cards afterwards but it is also a pleasant suggestion to your guests that wherever you go, you will be taking memories of their presence and kindness with you. You can personalise your suitcase or even arrange a set of large and small examples.