When your employees are ambassadors of your company in social networks, but they behave inadequately

Social networks have become almost an obligation for companies. It is a way to gain visibility, that is why in many organizations the participation of employees is also encouraged from their own profiles. This, which in principle is positive, can become a double-edged sword when those who should be ambassadors of your company have inappropriate behavior.

It can end in a crisis of reputation, angering many of the clients we have for an inappropriate comment , whether political, gender, offensive towards others, etc. Or simply because they have not been exemplary at a certain time. The example would be a commercial vehicle labeled with our company, but parked occupying a disabled person’s place without having the right to do so.

And this is very complicated to control. On the one hand because for a profile to be authentic, it has to mix personal and work issues . On the other, you should not step on keys and enter to deal with politically incorrect issues or that may offend customers. In a large company there may be people dedicated to helping managers to create such profiles, to give them a cure of contents that they can disseminate and which are of interest as well as issues that have to do with the company itself.

But in an SME it is more complicated. And that’s where common sense comes in, which is the least common of the senses. Because to know what to publish and what not, what can work and where is the limit of something funny with something offensive is quite complicated. It is enough a simple comment to throw to ground all the strategy of the SME.

In this sense you can not improvise and you need training . A commercial that uses social networks well is proven to be able to boost sales significantly. That doing it in the wrong way can have the opposite effect. We can not think that using networks as we would in the personal sphere will work within the company.

To prevent employees from exercising this role as ambassadors so as not to make a mistake, a good practice is to include incentives that include social networks . In this way both win, the employee who sees how their effort and dedication in this field is rewarded and the company that improves visibility and ends up noticing in their billing.