How to build a strong business team

Good teamwork can make for an incredibly productive business and there are a number of ways that you can help build strong connections between your team members. This can take time and it is important to remember that whenever a new member joins your team or an existing one leaves, there will be some disruption to the strength of the team working.

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Team building

Team building days can be a great way to get your team members all interacting together. You can find activity days where you can take part in some tasks that require everyone to work together. These include things like raft building or working out clues to solve a riddle. Escape rooms have become a popular way for teams to bond together over recent years.

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Team rewards

Having rewards that are team based can help to cement good working practices within the group. This could be working towards a special lunch or to receive Team Gifts like the ones that are available from Miller & Co. The most important part of these rewards is that everyone feels included and enjoys the reward together.


Team lunches are another great way to help your employee bond. You can do this by setting time aside during the working day to encourage people to come together to share a lunch that you can cater for at the office. Some businesses have all-team lunches on a regular basis and use them as a way to give back to their staff and also bring the team together to discuss projects that are currently underway.