How to Improve Your SEO With Video

Last year the big new technology trend was the growth of mobile, but now times are changing and a new trend is emerging – the video trend.

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Videos are becoming more and more popular, and now the majority of businesses are using videos as a part of their marketing technique. If you want to use videos on your website, here is how to improve your SEO with video.

Make Sure Your Video is on YouTube

Many businesses host their videos on their own platforms, but in reality it is much better to host your video on YouTube. This is because YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and it is also owned by Google, so it is very likely that hosting your video there will improve your SEO ranking

Another benefit of hosting on YouTube is that you won’t have to deal with slow load times. According to Liquid Light, if you host the video on your own website, every time someone watches the video they will use up bandwidth, which will be a big problem if you only have limited bandwidth.

Include Your Video on Your Website

Your video may be hosted on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put it on your website as well. Make sure to include a copy of your video on your website as it is likely that users who are already on your website will be interested in the content. This will boost overall views for the video, helping to improve your website’s SEO.

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Include a Transcript

Search engines can’t actually watch your video, so it is important that to include relevant text that explains what the video is about. For this reason you should include a transcript of the audio in the video, as this will make it easy for search engines to rank the video highly.

Add Keywords

Another way that search engines rank videos is using keywords, so you should include relevant keywords in the video to ensure that search engines know what the video is about.

Add a Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is an extension to the normal sitemap, and it will improve your website’s SEO as there is more varied content with relevant text.