Five style tips for men

Now we are all getting out and about again, you might find that your style has changed or that you aren’t sure what to wear. Read on for our five top style tips for men.

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Style is not necessarily about having the latest designer pieces or a wardrobe bursting with clothes; instead, a few simple tricks can help you to look stylish without it costing a fortune.

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Keep it classy

Sticking to classic shapes and styles is an easy way to look stylish without any extra effort. Some things just never go out of fashion, such as chinos or jeans with a classic Oxford shirt and blazer. Shoes should also be classic, although you can give yourself a contemporary look by pairing your jeans with smart trainers or Converse.

It makes getting dressed a lot easier if you build yourself a ‘uniform’ of sorts. If you have some key staples in your wardrobe, you could spend extra on them and make them special, such as mens Bugatti blue jeans.

Keep rolling on

A really easy tip that everyone can follow is to roll up your sleeves and your trousers. This goes for jersey or more formal button-through shirts and any trousers, even your mens Bugatti blue jeans. It is a simple trick but one that instantly draws attention for the right reasons.

Look after your clothes

Clothes look better when you look after them, with presenting yourself well key to looking stylish. There are some good tips for keeping your clothes looking as good as new, such as washing dark colours separately, drying them flat if necessary, and ironing on the right setting.

Keep it neutral

Stick to a largely neutral colour palette; in this way, you look stylish and timeless but have the added bonus of everything working together. Neutrals go beyond black and white; for example, navy is a classic neutral, and stone and khaki colours are important to have in your wardrobe.

Accessorise to personalise

Finally, don’t be afraid to add accessories. These include belts, watches, sunglasses, and a cross-body satchel bag. Accessories help to pull the whole outfit together and make it look finished without being fussy.