Colours to Decorate Your Bedroom

The colours of your bedroom are one of the most interesting and driving forces of how you can sleep. Look around your home and see what colours you have already chosen. Is it time for a radical rethink or do you just go and get the magnolia out and start again.

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At least you don’t have to worry about that when you first move into Park Homes like those from Park Home Life your new home will be beautifully decorated and if you choose your home soon enough you might even be able to select the colours that you want to decorate it in. But until then it’s time to consider what you can do with the colours in your bedroom.

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For the most part you might want to go with nice muted tones like light grey or blue. These are considered to be very restful and neutral colours. The idea is that you need to feel a sense of clam before you drift off to sleep. Not only that the body has to cool down to achieve this state, which is why it is so difficult to sleep in a heatwave.

Of course there is some argument against this. For example, the boudoir of the Victorian age was something of a raucous affair with lush deep colours to stir the passions. However this approach is probably not for everyone. In some cases it’s more likely that you just want to concentrate on the bed itself rather than the colours around it. There is a lot to be said for comfort after all.