Do you know what are the trends in kitchens for 2017?

With back to school, also we ask ourselves what reforms or renovations need our homes. If you intend to change the kitchen, from the company tell us the trends for 2017.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house is something that is not lost on anyone. We seek functionality without giving up the details of design and decoration.

The kitchens this year betting on a purity in style, elegance and great simplicity. Continue on the crest of the wave the kitchen with island and breakfast bar, a trend that is here to stay.

Do you know what are the trends in kitchens for 2017But the new design push us to put the cabinets horizontally to maximize space in front of the vertical that had been showing in recent years. In fact, new systems of organization inside the cabinets and drawers, perfect for smaller kitchens where you get make the most of the spaces, seeking to improve the organization and functionality of stay.

Another advocate minimalist trends straight lines with white tones whose great protagonist brightness, as beautiful and as necessary in the common places where you need to look good. No doubt this is because modern, relaxing, practical and elegant styles. With this type of cuisine is committed to give a feeling of spaciousness and order in different spaces.

On the other hand, the amplitude and the brightness is also achieved with the rustic touch of some models coming this year. Countertops silestone with streaks that mimic antique marbles is the touch that powers these more rustic settings.

Color trends continue to set the whites and grays, but these are not incompatible at all with the bold maxigloss and models maximatt galaxy or steel.

Nor can we ignore the color of the wood, with imitations that are better suited to more cozy kitchens, combined with live tiles and cookware colors. The contrast is served.

You already know how you want your new kitchen.