Embrace the trend for greige with confidence

Choosing the right theme for a room when decorating can be tricky. However, with the latest trend of combining grey and beige to make ‘greige’, your room could look flawless. Here’s how.

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Where to start

Choosing neutral colours is a great way of making sure that everything in the room fits together. It looks clean and clear and, by bypassing white, which can often look too clinical, you are adding more warmth to the room.

Neutrals no longer have to be boring. You can add on-trend pastel shades to give the room character, or darker colours to create a comforting, homely atmosphere. Either way, there is plenty to play with when it comes to neutral shades.


Greige flooring will work in any room. Go for a soft greige carpet for a cosy living room, or greige engineered flooring, like the choices from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring.html for a stunning kitchen. The better quality the flooring, the more eye-catching the colour will be within the room.

By mixing grey and beige for your flooring, you are opening up many painting options for your walls. The beige tones allow you to keep the room light and spacious with lighter wall colours, or if you prefer you can go darker for a more dramatic feel.

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If you want to keep the room cool and calm you can stick with gold, silver or light pastels. However, don’t be afraid to add soft furnishings with a pop of colour to create more character.