Thinking of Buying a New Puppy? Here is Some Advice Before You Bring Puppy Home

During lockdown there has been a surge in people looking to give a home to a new puppy. Having the time to be at home and look after the puppy in the important first few months was one of the main reasons for this boom in puppy buying. If this is something that you are considering and have never owned a puppy before, here are a few things to remember before you bring your new puppy home…

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Remember that the Puppy may be Scared at First – If you are worried that this is not the same bouncy puppy that you saw playing with its siblings and mum, remember it has been taken away from its family and is only a baby so its perfectly normal that the puppy may be nervous for a few days.


There will be accidents to start with -Whilst a puppy is young and hasn’t yet learned to go out to toilet, you will have to regularly take pup out to see if it will go. You might want to think about your flooring in your home – flooring like this engineered wood flooring is a lot easier to clean up than carpets and rugs, so do consider where pup will be when in the toilet training phase!

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Communicate with the Breeder – A good breeder will always want to help new owners and will have a lot of good advice if there is something that you are worried or unsure about, so don’t be afraid to contact the breeder if there is anything you want to know.