What to know when looking for a new boiler

It is a big deal to buy a new boiler as it’s a costly investment for your house. This is why finding the best boiler for your needs, at the right price, is important. A new boiler installation will theoretically cost between £ 3000 and £ 5000, so before making any commitments, do your homework. When looking to buy a boiler, here are some things to consider:

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Gas central heating ensures that nearly 60 percent of your home’s CO2 emissions will be blamed on your boiler. When looking at boiler options, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and expenses, then this will be a crucial factor for you. When it comes to quality, most modern condensing boilers are identical and you’re replacing an old boiler with a new style, then you’re already saving on your bills. With modern boilers, the trick to saving money is choosing the right form and scale.

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When it comes to choosing a boiler, size really does matter. The size determines the boiler’s heating capability and whether it can fit into your available space. It depends on your individual house, including how many bathrooms you have and how many inhabitants your home has, as far as heating is concerned. Before you shop, make sure to take some measurements so you can be assured it will match where you want it.


Even though the boiler is new you will need to ensure that it is regularly serviced so that it continues to work for you. This is where you should look at contacting a Tewkesbury Boilers based company like Combi Man. They can provide a great service and make sure that you get the number of years that you should do out of the new appliance.