The Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Fashion changes constantly and what’s hot one summer, just won’t cut it the next. However, classic style is timeless. There are certain important garments that everyone needs in their wardrobe – essential items that will stand the test of time and changing trends. Here are some top picks in menswear to keep you looking sharp whatever the season:

Denim jacket

It was first used by US railroad workers in the 1800s, but from a small seed and all that. Once they are worn by Hollywood icons during the 20th century, they have risen in popularity because of their timeless style. Donned over a pure white t-shirt, the way James Dean used to or as the bottom layer under a great winter coat, a denim jacket is a must-have stylish fashion icon.

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Basic T-Shirt

A top-quality cotton tee in various colours is an essential garment for all occasions. Wear one under a shirt for a layered effect and maximum comfort when it is cold in the house and under denim jackets or bomber jackets for a night out. Classic colours include white, black and navy blue. For a range of Calvin Klein Clothes, visit

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Who can live without a pair of jeans? The most versatile of all the wardrobe essentials. Jeans offers a neutral base from which to dress up or down. They can be easily paired with a smarter shirt or worn with a classic tee and trainers for an informal look any time. A darker denim is the most classy and timeless style.