Three Beautiful Menswear Colours This Autumn

The greyer days can lead to our leaning towards darker colours in our wardrobe, but put the black back just for a second. There are plenty of other choices out there that can perfectly fit in with the autumnal mood without your always having to resort to the old staples every day of the week.

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Don’t Feel Blue in Navy

Navy is a great alternative to black, offering just as much versatility without ever feeling drab. Navy is still hugely versatile, which is why so many designers feature it, and it can suit your style whether you dress from head to toe in Hugo Boss or prefer to browse the Lyle & Scott range at the likes of Navy looks great teamed with snowy whites or wintry greys but should never leave you feeling like your wardrobe is struggling to emerge from the clouds. If you really want to add impact, team with bold reds, oranges or yellows.

Hot Autumn Style

Add some extra heat to your autumn wardrobe by encompassing red into your outfits this season. Whether you go for a bold scarlet t-shirt or opt for the burnished reds of a traditional autumn scene, these tones can instantly add some interest to an outfit. Unless you’re very bold, you’re probably not going to want to go for a head to toe claret ensemble, but a few hints here and there can really work some magic. What better choice for the upcoming Christmas season as well? Find out more about the links between Christmas and the colour red at

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Green with Envy

Another great choice for autumn outfits is green, and the beauty of this colour is that there are tones to suit absolutely anyone. Cool greens such as medium to dark forest, emerald, bottle greens and seafoam colours will look great if you have dark hair. If you have green eyes, try to find a top that matches them and it will really make your features ‘pop’. Warmer greens may suit you if you have a lighter complexion or hair. Take a look at warm greens such as khaki, olive, pistachio or lime. If you’re not ready to dress up like an evergreen tree, just add a few green accents. Gloves and scarves can be great for elevating plainer-coloured outfits, for example.