Top tips for a great night clubbing

It is a good idea to think ahead so you can relax and completely let your hair down when you’re on the dance floor. Here are some tips for preparing for your big night out:

  1. Getting ready

Have a shower before you go out and remember the deodorant and perfume or after shave! You might spend a good few hours dancing so be sure you still smell fresh at the end of the night! Do your hair and make sure you feel like a million dollars.

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  1. Think about what to take

A fully charged phone is a must for all those great shots you’re going to get. Be sure to have all the numbers you might need programmed in, such as your mates and the number for a taxi firm, for example. Photo ID is a must, as well as a bank card and/or cash. Think about where you will keep these items that is secure, so you don’t fall victim to theft or drunkenly lose something important! For more details on a Nightclub Cheltenham, visit Late Night CoCo

  1. Don’t blow it with the dress code

If you’re not sure what is allowed and what isn’t, find out before the night. There is nothing worse than being turned away from a club due to simple wardrobe error that could have been avoided.

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  1. Don’t be late

They say you should be ‘fashionably late’ but this just means missing out on party time! Don’t get stuck in the late queue and take advantage of early happy hour deals. You’ll also be able to grab the best spot in the club!