5 Decorating Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

The use of a pergola at your outdoor wedding is a fabulous means of adding class and sophistication. Pergolas are lovely unadorned but adding decorative touches brings them to a whole new level. A pergola adds elegance and grace to any outdoor setting. Decorating the pergola will enhance and combine your entire wedding theme fluidly.

The proper use of lights at an outdoor wedding is crucial. If your wedding and reception will extend into the evening hours, lighting will add function and beauty to your pergola. Consider adding modest white lights. White lights add a touch of class while being unassuming. Use an extension cord that will blend in with the ground. Add the lights to the roof and gently around the entire structure. For additional lighting, add paper lanterns from the pergola for a fun and romantic feel.

Flowers and Plants:
Flowers are undoubtedly the largest decoration for any wedding. A unique twist on traditional flowers at your reception is to add flower garlands. Place the garlands on the rails and posts of your pergola. The addition of garlands of flowers allows you to customize your wedding and reception in a personal and unique manner. Create garlands made from flowers native to the local area. An easier option is to use silk flower garlands. Silk garlands last longer, are less delicate and will endure for your entire event. Add lovely potted plants at the exterior entrance of the pergola. Potted plants will add a touch of flair, and you will be able to place them in your new home after your wedding.

Fabric Choices:
The addition of white lights adds a subtle beauty to your wedding pergola, however you can take your decorations a step further. A tremendous choice is to infuse the pergola with your wedding colors through the use of fabrics and ribbon.
Purchase an entire bolt of fabric in your wedding colour  Dramatically draping the fabric from the roof of your pergola adds finesse and flair. Another viable option is to use thin silk ribbons that match your wedding colours. Wrap the ribbons up the rails of the pergola. Use simple fabrics that adds, not distracts from the natural beauty of your outdoor setting.

Proper Linens:
The use of lovely linens is an easy way to complete your entire design into a simple cohesive look. An array of choices exists for linens. Use elegant white tablecloths with napkins and a table runner in your wedding colors. Add more color to your decorations with the use of a colored tablecloth and white napkins and table runner. Use matching linens to hang from surrounding trees for a complete look.

Final Details:
The tiniest details complete your decorations by providing a totally cohesive look at your wedding and reception. Place small stones on each table and around the rails of the pergola. The stones will twinkle in the dark as they catch the light. Strategically place balloons from the pergola and reception area.

The preceding five tips will help you decorate your pergola for the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The infusion of our wedding colors and personality will allow your wedding and reception to make a statement about you and your new spouse.